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Yinchuan makes the straw into treasure by pellet press

In recent years, crop straw burning has become a new source of rural non-point source pollution, and it also affects the improvement of atmospheric environmental quality. Every summer harvest and autumn and winter, there is always a large amount of straw burned in the field, which produces a lot of smoke, which not only becomes a bottleneck problem in rural environmental protection, but even affects the environmental quality of the city.

At the end of 2018, the members of the Yinchuan Municipal Political Consultative Conference formulated the proposal on "strengthening the management of straw to promote the utilization of straw resources." In the proposal, the committee members suggested formulating guidelines for further comprehensive utilization of straw, clarifying the subsidy conditions and standards for straw chopping and deep tillage; introducing straw collection and subsidies, and encouraging farms, rural professional cooperatives, and enterprises. The crop straw is collected and used comprehensively. Actively cultivate straw collection and comprehensive utilization of the main body and brokers, establish a concentrated straw acquisition network covering the whole region, organize and deploy the tillage machinery during the crop harvest period, actively help the farmers to do the straw returning work, and control the straw from the source. And support the establishment of a batch of straw resource utilization enterprises to carry out straw collection and utilization demonstration, promote the promotion of straw comprehensive utilization technology and related project construction. Develop straw feed and base utilization, encourage large farmers to collect straw as silage; encourage farmers to actively explore, use straw to grow potatoes, cultivate edible fungi, expand straw utilization channels, carry out straw composting test, and explore straw through composting Fermentation, accelerated decomposition technology, improve the efficiency of straw treatment, and improve the processing capacity of straw returning.
pellet press

Last year, the Yinchuan Municipal Government issued the “Implementation Plan for Straw Burning and Comprehensive Utilization in Yinchuan City”, which clarified the main responsibilities and work objectives of governments and relevant departments at all levels. Yinchuan City's agriculture and animal husbandry department actively promotes the fertilizer and feed of crop straws through the principle of “distribution and combination, and sparseness as the mainstay”, through “in situ storage, agriculture-based, project introduction, and broadening of use”. At the same time of comprehensive utilization of industrialization, raw materials, and energy, we should also actively carry out the storage and utilization of drainage ditch, irrigation canals, weeds on both sides of the road, and pruning branches of trees, eliminate hidden dangers of incineration, and establish a collection and transportation system. And broaden the utilization of straw base material, increase the use area and types of edible fungi, increase the use of straw material to produce matrix material; promote the utilization of straw biomass fuel raw materials, as the current crop straw, forest pruning branches, weeds and other plants An effective way to treat the residue, the technology has the characteristics of wide variety, large dosage, fast processing and no pollution.

At the same time, the city also actively curbed the source. According to the key period of ban, the ban on propaganda and education was arranged in advance, and propaganda was carried out in towns and villages through various forms such as proposals, announcements, slogans, propaganda vehicles, mobile phone text messages, and scientific and technological training. Mobilize, let the masses fully understand the laws and regulations, fully understand the hazards of straw burning, consciously assume the responsibility and obligation of burning, do a good job in the recovery and transportation of straw and weeds, and effectively remove the source of incineration of the land; Behavior, encourage each other to comprehensively use, form a strong atmosphere of "stalks banned burning, everyone is responsible", and ban straw burning as an important task to win the ecological environment governance "tough battle" and improve the rural human settlement environment, and make great efforts Great determination, joint management, and resolutely put an end to the phenomenon of straw burning.

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