What is hydraulic pellet press?

Hydraulic pellet press is also known as hydraulic briquette machine, which turns biomass raw materials into briquettes. These raw materials include soft wood, hard wood, saw dust, wood chips, waste paper, rice husk and so on. As we all know, there are many biomass waste in agricultural and industry production, hydraulic pellet press realizes the effective use of the waste, energy conservation and environment protection.

what is hydraulic pellet press

The advantages of biomass briquettes

Just like biomass pellet fuels, biomass briquettes are one of biomass molding fuels, which are commonly used for heating, cooking, electricity generation and etc. The biomass briquettes produced by GEMCO hydraulic pellet press have many advantages.

  • Small volume and high density. The biomass briquettes are easier to transport and store than raw materials.
  • They have high inflammability and combustion efficiency,
    Thirdly, biomass briquettes are renewable clean energy. The sulfur content is low up to 5% that of oil fuel, which can meet environment requirement without desulfurization measures. What’s more, the ash residue of the briquette fuel is quite low.
  • Biomass briquettes are used as an ideal replacement for the traditional fossil fuels such as coal, gasoline and gas.
advantages of biomass briquettes
hydraulic pellet press for sale

Hydraulic pellet press for sale

Leading the global biomass pellet press industry with the largest service network and a complete range of pelletizing machines.

The introduction of GEMCO hydraulic pellet press

Leading the global overhead crane industry with the largest service network and a complete range of lifting equipment. Leading the global overhead crane industry with the largest

hydraulic pellet press GEMCO hydraulic pellet press is new generation hydraulic briquette machine, which brings hydraulic system into biomass fuel industry and can mold raw materials into briquettes with high pressure generated by the oil in cylinder. It has three main parts, including hydraulic, mechanical and electrical system.
hydraulic pellet processes The machine adopts closed structure, the observation hole, hydraulic gauge, switches and 3 indicator lights of different colors are on the cover. The design can benefit to operation and safe, and we should know the exact meaning of the three indicator lights. The hydraulic pellet press is working properly when the green indicator light is on. The yellow light on indicates warning state, you should have a shutdown examination. If the red light is on, the machine has a severe accident and you must stop it at once.
processed pellets GEMCO has done many tests, the density of pressed biomass briquette is 0.7-1kg/dm3 and the moisture content is around 12%. But different raw materials have different capacity, you can contact us to know the capacity of your specific materials and products.
GEMCO hydraulic pellet press

The characteristics of GEMCO hydraulic pellet press

  • GEMCO hydraulic pellet press has a solid steel frame for its pedestal, so it is easy to move.
  • Our machine adopts Bosch Rexroth pressure control system and realizes over pressure protection for hydraulic system. The equipments of hydraulic system are all high quality, which ensure the stability and the reliability.
  • Simple operation, elegant and humanized human-computer interface. The operation system includes manual operation system and one-button click automatically unmanned operation system, you can choose the suitable operation system according your situation.
  • With Siemens intelligent PLC module inside, GEMCO hydraulic pellet press is smarter and the noise is lower. In addition, touch panel is easy and animation display is joyful.
  • Schneider electric components such as reply, contactor, air switch, etc. You don’t have to worry about the quality.
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Our cetifications
Founded in 1997, Anyang GEMCO Energy Machinery Co, Ltd(GEMCO) is one of chinese earliest companies engaged in biomass energy machinery development. Such as flat die pellet press with electric motor, diesel engine, gasoline and PTO. What's more, we have got many certifications all over the world.
  • China Association Of Rural Energy Industry(CAREI)
  • China Flat die biomass briquetting technology standard-making group
  • ISO9001 international quality system and EU CE Certification
  • 10 patents on biomass briquetting and flat die pellet press
  • Chinese customs class A enterprise, over 80% products for export
  • High quality supplier for made-in-china.com and Alibaba

100 patented applied technologies. Based on professional team, strong research capability and strict testing standards, GEMCO can guarantee you the top-class Biomass Energy Machineries.

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GEMCO is a modern company dedicated to biomass machinery research and development, manufacture, installation and adjustment. The R&D period of GEMCO hydraulic pellet press is more than 2 years, it gets the praises from our customers all over the world such as America, India and etc. We will supply the most suitable hydraulic pellet press for you, please contact us quickly!

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