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Classification of pellet machines

Classification of pellet machines

The pellet machine can be divided into several models depending on the power used, the required materials and the working principle.

Gasoline engine pellet machine

Scope of application

It can suppress common feed ingredients such as corn, bran and cotton aphid, and can be used in livestock breeding.

Advantages of Gasoline engine pellet machine

  • The machine can process different kinds of materials for a wide range of applications.
  • Smooth operation, low noise and easy operation.
  • International CE certification and ISO9001 certified products.
  • Quality and efficiency.
  •  Less investment, high granulation rate and low energy consumption.
  • Reasonable design and more convenient maintenance.

Diesel type pellet machine

Scope of application

Applicable to large, medium and small aquaculture, grain and feed processing plants, livestock farms, poultry farms, individual farmers and small and medium-sized farms, farmers or large, medium and small feed processing plants.
Working principle of Diesel machine type particle machine:
The main shaft and the die plate and the friction roller are driven by the gears, and the resulting friction temperature (between the pressure roller and the die plate) can reach as much as 80 centigrade. The material passes through the high temperature, and under the action of the pressure roller, through the hole in the mold plate, the high quality molding particles will roll out from the discharge port. At the same time, the length of the particles can be set according to the position of the adjustment head.

Advantages of diesel type pellet machine

  •  Suitable for small and medium-sized users, low energy consumption and low noise.
  •  The footprint is small and only a small space is needed.
  •  The granules are dry and dry, once formed, and have high hardness, which is convenient for storage and transportation.
  •  Common raw materials can be pressed, and the best compression ratio of more than 30 kinds of raw materials is provided, so that you can make perfect particles.
  •  With diesel engine, you can save electricity, you can work directly in the ground, directly burn oil, and save trouble.
  •  Both sides of the mold plate are available, and Ø2.5---- Ø10 kinds of apertures are available, which is more economical and practical.

Tractor type pellet machine

Scope of application

Particularly suitable for working on the farm. Only one tractor is needed to solve the problem of power transmission.

Advantages of Tractor type pellet machine 

  • Efficient and energy-saving: Through reasonable and professional design, the feed pellet machine has uniform granulation, perfect granulation, and can effectively reduce damage to particles.
  •  High yield, smooth granulation surface, uniform body and high hardness.
  • Mobile tractor, easy to use.
  • The pellet machine parts are made of high quality alloy steel structure, which is wear-resistant and durable.
  •  A variety of apertured die plates are available to produce good granules of different lengths.

Motor type pellet machine

Scope of application

  • Feed granulation. It is suitable for rural breeding professional households, small farms and rabbit farms.
  • coarse fiber granulation. It is used for sizing of various crop straws, domestic garbage and factory waste such as wood chips, rice husks, cotton stalks, cottonseed husks, weeds, etc., with low adhesion rate and difficult to form.

working principle

The pellet machine is a drive shaft that uses a motor as a power, and cycles on it. The pellet machine drives the spindle through the gear to rub the die plate and the pressure roller, and the resulting friction temperature (between the pressure roller and the die plate) can reach as much as 80 centigrade. The raw material passes through the high temperature, and under the extrusion of the press roll and the die plate, through the holes in the die plate, the high quality molded particles will roll out from the discharge port.

Advantages of motor type pellet machine

  • The particle processing equipment has the characteristics of compact structure, beautiful appearance, high output, low power consumption, convenient use and reliable working performance.
  • The pressure roller is evenly arranged, the operation is stable, and the pressing area is increased, thereby improving the production efficiency.
  • The screw center pressure regulating structure is adopted, the gap of the mold is small and small, and different materials are applied to ensure the pressing effect.
  • The equipment has the most suitable pore structure for feed processing, providing the optimum compression ratio for common raw materials. Users can choose different apertures and compression ratios according to their different needs to get the best technical and economic benefits.
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