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Pellet Press with PTO

Pellet Press with PTO

  • Model: 150, 200, 230, 260, 300 type
  • Power: 10-41 HP
  • Capacity: 90-800 KG/H
  • Size of flat die: 2.5-10mm
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The specialty of PTO pellet mill

PTO literally is called Power Take Off, a device that transmits power generated by agriculture machinery to the pellet mill. With a PTO, you can drive a pellet machine by connecting it to a tractor or other agriculture machineries. GEMCO is the first manufacturer in China to adopt PTO as drive device. PTO driven pellet mill is especially suitable for farm workplace, where a tractor can supply the power that the pelletizing process needs. Without a dedicated engine, PTO wood pellet machine is easy to install and operate, with more mobility and lower cost.
PTO pellet press pelletizing process

The working principle of PTO driven pellet mill

PTO pellet mill is different from other types in its power source. To operate, it needs to be connected to a tractor or other farm machineries, whose motor drives the rolling part within the mill. There are a flat die with many holes on it and a stationary roller in the device.

When the motor starts, the main shaft rotates together with the flat die, while the roller keep still. The friction between the rotating die and the stationary roller bring the temperature up to 80 ℃, under which raw materials are squeezed through the hole and become shaped pellets rolling out from the outlet. Generally, rotating flat die structure represents simpler design and high convenience, applying to small-scale pellets production.

PTO pellet press
PTO pellet press
PTO pellet press
PTO pellet press

What raw material can PTO pellet press process?

The PTO wood pellet press can process crop straws such as wood chips, rice husk, cotton stalk, cotton seed hull, weeds, as well as domestic and factory wastes.Such raw materials are hard to form owing to their low adhesive capacity, which requires pellet mill to make them into biomass pellets, thus serving as biofuels or animal feeds.
pellet press raw materials

Where can biomass pellets be used?

The biomass pellets processed by PTO pellet machine can be burned to generate heat. They are widely applied in house furnace and electricity generation. As an efficient, clean and renewable energy, biomass fuels are substitutes for fossil fuels like coals, oil and gas, playing an important part in saving energy and reducing carbon emission. Besides, their convenience for storage and transportation promises a bright future.

biomass pellets combustion effect

The advantages of PTO wood pellet machine

  • GEMCO pellet mill boasts high performance and energy efficiency. Thanks to scientific design, it is able to produce fine and uniform particles, and reduce mechanical damage to them.
  • The biomass pellets produced by GEMCO pellet press look smooth from the outside, exhibiting high hardness and uniform size.
  • With light weight, it is more portable. By connected to the tractor, it is convenient for outdoor use. PTO driven pellet mill especially applies to customers already having farm machineries.
  • The components of PTO wood pellet press is made of high quality alloy steel, with high durability and wear resistance.
  • We can provide you PTO pellet machine with plat dies with different hole sizes, meeting the production demands for varied pellets.
ZLSP-D 150P 50-100 ≥8 HP 90-110 900x540x1020
ZLSP-D 200P 80-120 ≥15 HP 130/150 1000x540x1020
ZLSP-D 230P 120-200 ≥22 HP 175/200 1000x540x1020
ZLSP-D 260P 160-250 ≥33 HP 235/255 1050x540x900
ZLSP-D 300P 250-400 ≥41 HP 305/325 1100x540x1000

Come on, search for the pellets that belong to you!

grass powder pellet
Grass powder pellet
Pineapple peel pellet
Pineapple peel pellet
bamboo pellet
Bamboo pellet
Fress Grass pellet
Fresh Grass pellet
Maize straw pellet
Maize straw pellet
Green bamboo pellet
Green bamboo pellet
Plastic pellet
Plastic pellet
Rice husk pellet
Rice husk pellet
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