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Pellet Press Flat Die

Pellet Press Flat Die

  • Model: 150, 200, 230, 260, 300,400types
  • Power: single-phase 2.2 kw, triple-phase 3-30 kw
  • Capacity: 40-800 KG/H
  • Size of flat die: 2.5-10mm
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The importance of spare parts

When choosing pellet presses, many people would consider their energy efficiency, outside dimension, price and portability, but there is another component that really matters—the spare parts. According to customers’ feedback, the cost of spare parts account for 8% of the total equipment cost. Flat dies and roller are the wearing parts of pellet press. Pellet mill flat die, in particular, plays an important role in pellets quality.

Structure of flat die

Flat die appears as discoid shape, with many holes spreading on it. The dimension of the hole is from 2.5mm to 10mm. They are varied according to different materials they process. As the pellet press starts working, materials are squeezed through these holes and come out like dense bullets. There are knifes cutting them into strips in a certain length.

The pellet mill flat die is processed through 6 procedures including forge, reaming and polish. GEMCO adopts superior alloy steel and scientific technology to promote the discharge speed. The die can be replaced easily. Just loosen the lock nuts on both sides, remove the upper chassis, and take out the roller and die. GEMCO provides clients with high quality pellets press dies. We are ready to accept orders at any time.

pellet mill flat die
GEMCO peller mill die
flat die processing
Flat die processing
pellet flat die checking
Flat die checking

Advantages of GEMCO pellet press die

  • GEMCO pellet presses adopt superior alloy steel in their dies. With both sides usable, they bear longer service life.
  • GEMCO carries out comprehensive test for every pellet press, ensuring the best compression ratio for more than 30 kinds of raw materials.
  • The flat die manufactured by GEMCO is able to work for as long as 800 hours.
  • When the spare parts wear out, you’d better purchase original accessories. We can provide you with high quality accessories at any time.
flat die holes
pellet mill die
pellet press die and roller
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