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Counter-flow cooler

Counter-flow cooler

  • Model: SKLN11, SKLN14, SKLN16, SKLN19, SKLN21, SKLN24
  • Capacity: 1 – 15t/h
  • Power: Feed motor: 0.75,1.1 Kw; Discharge motor: 0.75, 1.5 Kw; Shake motor: 0.2,0.4 Kw
  • Function: Lower the pellets to room temperature
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What is a counter-flow cooler used for?

Pellet cooling is a necessary process in the pellet production line. GEMCO counter-flow cooler can reduce the temperature of pellets from 70℃ ~ 90 ℃ to the room temperature, and lower the moisture to under 12.5%. After cooling, the wood pellets can be packed, stored and transported conveniently.

counter flow cooler
counter flow cooler
counter flow cooler

How does a counter-flow cooler work?

It adopts counter flow as the cooling agent. When you feed the high-heat and high-moisture pellets into the cooler, the surrounding cold wind pass through the pellets vertically and contact with the cooled pellets, and the increasingly hot wind contact with the hot pellets. The wind flows to the opposite direction of pellets, and lower their temperature gradually. It prevents the cold wind contacting directly with the hot pellets, in case they crack when the temperature drops suddenly.

The cold air get into the cooler through the bottom. The inlet area is large, the utilization rate is high, and the cooling effect is good. Counter-flow cooler features low energy consumption and simple operation. It is more efficient than traditional vertical and horizontal types.

counter flow cooling machine
counter flow cooling machine
counter flow cooling machine

Features of counter-flow cooler

  • It adopts counter flow cooling principle, with warm and cold wind working together to lower the pellets’ temperature. It protects the pellets from breaking by avoiding their direct contact with the cold wind.
  • The feed hopper adopts wind-proof design, which can prevent air or moisture from getting into the cooling chamber.
  • It adopts pyramidal material distributer. It can accumulate the pellets in the cooling drum, and avoid insufficient feed of materials in any side.
  • Suction system. The cooling drum is closed around, so the cold wind can only get into it through the bottom and pass through the pellets vertically. This design avoid the shortcut or flee of the wind, so as to improve the utilization of the wind.
  • It adopts special discharge method. There are a moving frame and a fixed frame. They form a band clearance at the bottom of the cooling drum and ensures uniform discharge.
  • The temperature of pellets is less than 5℃ above the room temperature.

Specifications of counter-flow cooler

According to different capacities and power, GEMCO counter-flow cooler can be classified into 6 types. They are equipped with a feed motor, a discharge motor, a shaker motor, a fan, and a cyclone. 

Model Capacity (t/h) Feed motor power Discharge motor power (kw) Shaker motor power (kw) Fan model Cyclone model Size L*W*H (mm) Weight (kg)
SKLN11 1-2 0.75 0.75(slide)0.2*2(vibration) 0.2 4-72-4A/5.5Kw 800 2150*1325*3050(slide)2150*1325*3450(vibration) 800
SKLN14 2-5 0.75 1.5(slide) 0.2*2(vibration) 0.4 4-72-4.5A/7.5Kw 1200 2500*1650*3200(slide)2500*1650*3600(vibration) 1200
SKLN16 4-7 0.75 1.5(slide) 0.2*2(vibration)   4-72-5A/11Kw 1500 2100*2000*3130(slide)2100*2000*3600(vibration) 1500
SKLN19 5-10 1.1 1.5(slide) 0.2*2(vibration)   4-72-6C/18.5Kw 2000 2450*2370*3480(slide)2450*2370*3000(vibration) 2000
SKLN21 8-15 1.1 1.5(slide)   4-72-8C/22Kw 2500 2800*2300*4600(slide) 2500
SKLN24 8-15 1.1 1.5(slide)   4-72-8C/30Kw 3000 3100*2600*4600(slide) 3000

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