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Hammer Mill

Hammer Mill

  • Model: FSP
  • Capacity: 100 – 2100kg/h
  • Power: single phase or three phase (2.2kw – 37kw)
  • Application: haulm, straw, wood, peanut shell, dry weeds, etc.
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What is hammer mill?

GEMCO biomass hammer mill is suitable for the crushing of grain, crops, Chinese medicine herbs, straw, tubers, forage, etc. This is a small-scale, multi-purpose, and latest-type hammer mill, which can not only for wood chips, but also crush corn, sorghum, rice, soybeans and other grains, water soaked soybeans, fresh sweet potato, fresh tomatoes, pepper, herbs into chips and pellets, what’s more, soybean, sweet potato vine, beans, corn straw, orange weeds and other feed are also available. Customer can choose different sieve according to their own parameter requirement of pellet and chip so that it can crush raw material with different thickness. At the same time, it can also be used to crush waste of fresh sweet potato, corn, grain, plant shell, corn, wheat, soybeans, and other grains into biomass fuel particle less than 3-5mm, so that the size is suitable for granulating or rods. What’s more, the biomass hammer mill is ideal machine to crush agricultural raw materials.

GEMCO hammer mill for wood chip
Powder of various raw materials processed by hammer mills

Characteristics of hammer mill

  • Biomass hammer mill can finish two processing steps of micro grinding and micro powder separation simultaneously.
  • The wood hammer mill is equipped with air flow regulating valve, which can control the fineness of product without stopping the machine. No dust pollution.
  • GEMCO biomass hammer mill has cooling function, temperature rise is lower when crushing the raw material. What’s more, the crushed pellet is uniform.
  • Our wood hammer mill has the advantages of compact and reasonable structure, small size, low energy consumption, high efficiency and low noise.
  • Reliable sealing, good self cooling function, easy installation, disassembly and repair, and the replacement of parts is also convenient.

GEMCO biomass hammer mill specifications

GEMCO biomass hammer mill can be power by electric, diesel, and fuel. The following is parameters of the three types hammer mills.

Model Output Capacity (kg/h) Power Screen mesh (standard)  Hammer Quantity Diamesion (mm) Weight (kg)
FSP158B 100-200 2.2 KW Single phase 4 16 750*450*730 75/85
FSP198B 240-400 3KW 3 phase 4 16 1000*750*1120 120/135
FSP198B 240-400 4KW 3 phase 4 16 1000*750*1120 120/135
FSP420B 800-1000 7.5KW 3 phase 5 16 1200*1000*1220 250/270
FSP420B 800-1000 11KW 3 phase 5 16 1200*1000*1220 300/320
FSP420A15 800-1000 15hp 5 16 1650*800*1120 370/390
FSP420A22 800-1000 22hp 5 16 1650*800*1120 390/410
FSP500B-28 1000-1200 11KW 3 phase 5 16 2200*1000*1020 470/500
FSP500B-28 1000-1200 15KW  3 phase 5 16 2200*1000*1020 500/530
FSP500A-28  1000-1200 22hp 5 16 1650*800*1120 370/390
FSP500B-40 1200-1700 22KW 3 phase 5 24 2200*1050*1020 710/755
FSP500B-40 1200-1700 30KW 3 phase 5 24 2200*1100*1270 800/835
FSP500A-40  1200-1700 55hp 5 24 2250*1150*1270 995/1065
FSP500B-60 1700-2100 37KW 3 phase 5 36 2300*1150*1350 1150/1230

Installation of hammer mill

  • GEMCO hammer mill can be divided into powder storage pool, storage bag and storage bin. Each type must be well ventilated, have adequate evacuation rooms and reliable fire fighting equipment.
  • If the motor is prepared by customers, the belt pulley diameter of motor or diesel engine should be calculated. The specific calculation method is: diameter of engine (electric motor, diesel engine or gasoline engine)=rated revolution speed × belt diameter of hammer mill ÷ rated revolution speed of engine (electric motor, diesel engine or gasoline engine).
  • The speed of diesel engine and gasoline engine is 80% of the rated speed.
  • The hammer mill should be adjusted to the horizontal direction, the anchor bolt should be fastened.
TFS420 hammer mill with diesel engine
TFS420 hammer mill with diesel engine
TFS420 hammer mill with electric engine
TFS420 hammer mill with electric engine
GEMCO TFS500 hammer mill
TFS500 hammer mill
GEMCO TFS500 hammer mill
TFS500 hammer mill

Adjustment and maintenance of hammer mill

  • The sealing situation can be adjusted by adjusting the direction of engine (electric, diesel or fuel engine). The right tightness is archived with the hand can be pressed down around 10cm.
  • Start hammer when hearing abnormal noise, then idle the hammer mill for thirty minutes, when the temperature of main shaft is under or around 25℃, then the hammer can be put into use again.
  • The bearings bear all the load of the machine, good lubrication has a great influence on bearing life, it directly affects the service life of the machine and operation rate, thus grease is required for all bearing parts.
  • Disassembly and assembly of screen: put the side with burr upward to avoid screen clogging.
  • After a period of use, tip of hammer gradually wears. When the first tip is worn, turn the hammer to use the second, third and fourth tip. In order to ensure the balance of the rotor and avoid vibration, all blades must be turned at the same time. change the tips immediately when the third tip is worn.

Operation principle of GEMCO biomass hammer mill

After sent into the grinding chamber, the raw material will be crushed by hammer with high rotating speed. Under the action of centrifugal force, the crushed material will be continuously squeezed, bumped, hammered, rubbed by hammer, crusher plate, and screen mesh. Through the sieve, crushed particle will be sent out of the machine under the action of centrifugal pressure and suction force of the rotor. Particle don’t through the sieve is repeated this process until the screen was sent to the machine.

Notice for hammer mill operation

  • Before running, adjust the hammer mill according to the operation and maintenance guidance, ensure that each fastener is tightened.
  • Disabled individual under 16 years old of over 60 years old, and individual who doesn’t familiar with the performance of hammer mill can’t operate the machine without authorization.
  • Drunk, sick or overworked operator is forbidden to operate the machine.
  • If there are abnormal noise during operation, stop the machine immediately. Cut the power, inspect and clean the hammer mill.
  • It is forbidden to feed the hammer mill from bag directly during operation, in order to ensure the safety of operators.
  • Direction the safety mark points to should be the rotor running direction.

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bamboo pellet
Bamboo pellet
Maize straw pellet
Maize straw pellet
Moso bamboo pellet
Moso bamboo pellet
Paper dust pellet
Paper dust pellet
Peanut husk pellet
Peanut husk pellet
Pigeon feedstuff pellet
Pigeon feedstuff pellet
Pine sawdust pellet
Pine sawdust pellet
Rice husk pellet
Rice husk pellet

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