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Disc Chipper

Disc Chipper

  • Model: FSDC420B-1,FSDC420B-2, FSDC500B-1, FSDC500B-2, FSDC600B-1,FSDC600B-2
  • Capacity: 0.6 – 2t/h
  • Power: Main motor:11-30 Kw
  • Weight: 240-620kg
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Products Introduction

The disc chipper series products widely be used in biomass manufacturing plant, pulp mill, paper mill, wood fiber board factory, industry and the factory stock shop  etc. As the preferred equipment for production of wood chip. The adjustable material: The diameter is under 120mm leaf and the width under 160-180mm bark and offal of screwing machine etc.

  disc chipper2disc chipper1

Products Features:

  • Disc chipper machine has the advantages of compact and reasonable structure, easy operation, high production capacity, good product quality, safe and reliable, convenient maintenance and so on.
  • It mainly make up by base, feeding inlet, knife plate, machine shell, cutting blade and the electronic control composition.
  • This machine can adjust the cutting blade according to the need.
  • It can produce the different speficcation and thickness wood chip.

Working principle

The wood material is send by the feeding inlet. When the wood material touch into the cutting blade, with the high-speed rotation of the cutting plate, the cutting wood chips are sent out by high speed steam generated by the wind leaves on the cutting plate.

working principle

Name Type Capacity(t/h)    Main motor power (kw) Outline dimension L*W*H(mm) Weight Remark
Disc chipper FSDC402B-1 0.6-1 11 1400*600*750   240 The product's diameter can be adjusted by changing the screen mesh.
The material is different, the product is different and the per hour output capacity is different.
It can crush the branch, tree branches, log and plate heels, lumps of wood.
FSDC402B-2 0.6-1 11 1400*600*750 240
FSDC500B-1 0.8-1.5 18.5 1500*650*750 390
FSDC500B-2 0.8-1.5 18.5 1500*650*850 390
FSDC600B-1 1-2 30 1500*700*1000 620
FSDC600B-2 1-2 30 1500*700*1000 620
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