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Round Baler with Cutter

Round Baler with Cutter

  • Model: YK0910F
  • Capacity: 60-120 bales/hour
  • Bale size: 900 X 950mm
  • Weight(approx): 930kg
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Product Application

The straw round baler with cutter can automatically finish the cutting, bundling and put the bundle of pasture, rice, wheat and corn straw, which is widely used in dry, green grass, rice, wheat and corn.
The straws recycled by the machine can be used for paper making or straw power generation, effectively reduce or eliminate incineration phenomenon, reduce environmental pollution and improve agricultural ecological environment, which has remarkable ecological benefits.

round baler with cuter
round baler with cuter
round baler with cuter

Main Features

  • 2P hitch system and 360 degree transmission gearbox design, turning radius is smaller.
  • middle and centre-mounted traction system, make it easy to cross a ridge and run in the field.
  • high working efficiency. large round baler is the most efficient baler in all types.
  • high rate and wide tires.
  • strong structure. special desigh picking up system.
  • bundling bales by net.
Model YK0910F  YK0910FW
Bale size(diameter x width) 900 X 950mm 900 X 950mm
Dimensions 2450x1850x1600mm 3000x2200x1650mm
Weight(approx) 930kg 1550kg
Pickup width 1000mm  1800mm
Working speed 2-5km/h 2-5km/h
Capacity(bales/hour) 60-120 60-120
Weight of bale(approx)  30-50kg 30-50kg
Horsepower requirement 40-80HP 60-100HP
Package size 2500X1800X1600mm  1500x1800x2200mm


Auto oiling system of hay baler

Auto oiling system imported from Germany, filling lubricant and butter into gears and bearing continues.

our workshop

workshop of round baler with cuter
workshop of round baler with cuter
workshop of round baler with cuter
workshop of round baler with cuter
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