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Drum-type Chipper

Drum-type Chipper

  • Model: BX216,BX218
  • Capacity: 5-15t/h
  • Power: Main motor power:55-110kw, convery motor power: 3kw
  • weight: 4070-7000kg
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Product presentation

Wood drum chipper is an equipment especially for making wood chips, it suitable for biomass processing plant, paper mill, chipboard mill, fibreboard mill, wood chip production and wood chip export base. It can make log, small diameter wood etc as same length, kerf smooth, thickness uniformity  wood chips for industry. It also can cut branch, panel etc.
drum chipperwood chips

Product features

  • Our company’s Drum-type chipper makes saving energy and protecting environment as straight line.
  • Reducing cutting resistance on the basis of guaranteed production, makes the equipment cut 30%-40% power.
  • This equipment 's reduction gears is worm gears or gear type reducer, their quik-wear part is less, and easy for maintenance.

Comparison between drum chipper and disc chipper

working principle

Technical parameters

Name Type Output(t/h) Main Motor power(kw) Conveyor motor (kw) Max diameter of the raw material(mm) Packing size L*W*H(mm) Weight(kg) Mark
Drum-type chipper BX216 5-7 55kw 3kw 150 4348*1730*1258 4070 1. Include in-out belt convery and electric control
2. Nude packing
BX218 10-15 110kw 3kw 250 4920*2150*1500 7000
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