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Silage Round Baler

Silage Round Baler

  • Model: 9YY-55
  • Capacity: 40-60 bales/hour
  • Power: three phase (5.5 Kw)
  • Application: corn, rice, wheat straw, alfalfa, reed, cotton straw, etc.
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9YY-55 silage round baler for sale

Bale size: 550mm*520mm

9YY-55 straw round baler not only has all the advantages of other similar products, but also has its unique product characteristics. It is the most advanced silage round baler built by our company's scientific researchers. Because of the short processing time of silage grass and the high quality requirement of customers, a reliable quality equipment is extremely important.

This machine is a fully automatic, medium and small hanging silage animal husbandry machinery. Small size, light weight and easy operation. Only one person can automatically realize a series of actions such as conveying and bundling. The matching power is 25-40 horsepower. Low fuel consumption, high efficiency and low price. The utility model has the advantages of simple and reasonable structure, durability, safety and reliability, convenient use and maintenance, high bundling efficiency and density, etc. It is widely used in animal husbandry, paper industry, wheat straw, rice straw and forage acquisition, storage and transportation. After the products were put into the market, they were welcomed by the vast number of users.

silage round balers

Advantages and characteristics of 9YY-55 silage round baler

  • The advantages of the external bearing structure are that the waterproof and dust-proof performance of the external bearing is several times higher than that of the internal bearing, which reduces the failure rate of the machine and makes the maintenance of the machine extremely convenient and fast.
  • 9YY-55 breaks the common production mode of 4mm thick wallpaper in the same industry. The exclusive use of high-quality 6mm thick steel plate reduces the deformation rate of 6mm thick steel plate by 95% compared with 4mm thick steel plate in the welding process, which increases the concentricity of gears and chains of the whole machine several times and greatly reduces the failure rate of the machine.
  • The 9YY-55 silage round baler innovatively uses 36 high-quality aluminium alloy rollers, which are more dense and uniform than the straw bales made with 30-heel aluminium alloy rollers. Customers can reduce their costs by 40%-60%.
Advantages and characteristics of 9YY-55 silage round baler

Working principle of 9YY-55 silage round baler

9YY-55 automatic silage round baler is based on the use of the original silage round baler and film wrapping machine. After forming the round bale, it automatically enters the film wrapping machine after opening the warehouse, forming automatic feeding, saving labor intensity and manpower.

The working principle of the machine is to push the material to the feeding port, and the material will be automatically sent to the compression room of the baler. After the baling, the bale will be opened and put into the baler by hydraulic pressure. Then the baler will be started to realize the baling of the bale. The whole process is fully automatic, only 1-2 people are needed.

The machine has compact structure, convenient operation, high efficiency, and working efficiency. It can process 4-5 tons of green straw per hour and 40-60 bales of bales per hour. It can complete all kinds of dry and wet straw baling and coating work independently. The machine is the only agricultural machinery for fuel supply and storage in straw power plants and for large-scale aquaculture enterprises to recycle and bundle silage.

Working principle of 9YY-55 silage round baler

What crops can be baled?

Corn, rice, wheat straw, alfalfa, leymus chinensis, reed and cotton straw are packed into bales by compaction and baling. It is convenient for transportation, storage and deep processing. Suitable for various farms, grasslands and various straw recycling.

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