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Small Mobile Pellet Plant

Small Mobile Pellet Plant

  • Model: MPL300,MPL400
  • Power: 41.25kw.49.25kw
  • Capacity: 250-450kg
  • Size of flat die: 2.5-12mm
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Introduction of mobile pellet plant

Multifunctional small mobile pelletizing system, is our new mobile pelletizing equipment,  it is an integrated system with pellet mill and other supporting equipments which can offer an all-in-one unit to make high quality pellets. This mobile pelletizing system includes all necessary equipments, such as hammer mill, separation system, pneumatic handing system, mixture feeder, tempering system, facility for pelletizing, cooling system, conveying mechanism and etc. to integrate the functions of crushing, pelletizing, cooling, transporting and etc into one plant, which lowers your cost and improves working efficiency.

Small biomass pellet plant
Process of small pellet plant

The exterior design for mobile pellet plant is concise, and adopts variable frequency regulation to control the key workflow which can meet different requirements of our customers. The finished pellets are very smooth and have high density and delicate surface. 

This mobile pelletizing equipment system blends the advanced technology of home and abroad, and know about the multifunctional needs sufficiently, then according to the western style to design.

The raw materials of this small mobile pellet plant are mainly wastes or residues from furniture factory, wood processing factory or sawmill, such as logs, waste wood chips, waste pieces, tree branches, sawdust, wood shaving etc.

Small biomass wood pellet plant
small mobile pellet plant
different sides of small pellet plant
Small pellet plant 300
Specifications of Small Multifunctional Mobile Pellet Plant
Model Capacity(kg/h) Pellet Diameter(mm) Power(kw) Size(mm)
MPL300 250-350 6-12 41.25 3500*1960*3500
MPL400 350-450 6-12 49.25 3500*1960*3500

Features and Advantages of small mobile pellet plant

  • The mobile pelletizing equipment plant can be operated just by adjusting the buttons, so only one people can operate it, which reduces your labor cost. 
  • The application of small mobile pellet plant is flexible and extensive, satisfying customers with different requirements. 
  • The special design of pneumatic conveying system and pellet cooling at scraper conveyor and dust control makes the materials are used sufficiently and not being wasted. 
  • The mobile pellet plant is flexible that it can move to anywhere, what’s more, the volume of the multifunctional mobile pellet plant is small and favorable for transportation. 
  • As per the raw materials, the final pellets are widely used in heating and electricity industry as biofuel. 
  • All the parts used for our mobile pelletizing equipment system are from the Schneider, so they are reliable and trustable.
Hammer mill of small pellet plant
Hammer mill
Storage bin
Storage bin
pellet machine part of mobile plant
Pellet machine
Vibrating sieve part
Vibrating sieve

FAQ for small mobile pellet plant

Q:Which kind of motor does the pellet press adopt in the small mobile pellet plant?
A: In our small mobile pellet plant, we generally adopt pellet press with electric motor according to the whole design of the small pellet plant.

Q: Must I have to go to your factory to learn how to operate and test the small mobile pellet plant?
A: No, it’s not necessary. We can send you the video of operating the small mobile pellet plant, from crushing raw materials to the finished pellets or even the packing of pellets. And we offer 7/24 email and phone cell service. GEMCO is ready to answer your any questions about our small mobile pellet plant.

Q: How much is the decibels while the small mobile pellet plant is working?
A: Different parts have different decibels, hammer mill is approximately 100 decibels, vibrating screen and pellet mill 90 decibels, fan and elevator 80 decibels. But these statistics are based on experiences not practical test. 

Q: Must I purchase the whole machinery in the small mobile pellet plant?
A: This can be decided according to your real situation, but generally, our small mobile pellet plant is a complete set, so unless necessary, we ordinary supply the whole set to you. But apart from our small mobile pellet plant, we can offer you the reliable flat die pellet mill and some other supporting equipments solely. You can choose as per your own requirements. 

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