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Hydraulic Briquette Machine

Hydraulic Briquette Machine

  • Main Power: 7.5 kw
  • Production Capacity(max): 120 kg/h
  • Briquette Diameter: 70 mm
  • Surge Bin Volume: 0.45 m3
  • Machine Weight: 1000 kg
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GEMCO hydraulic briquette machine

biomass briquettes made by briquette machinesGEMCO hydraulic briquette machine is used to convert biomass material into briquettes. It applies hydraulic system to briquettes production, capable of making briquettes from various materials such as hard and soft wood, chipboard, saw dust, paper, wood shaving and crop straw. With Siemens intelligent PLC module inside, it realizes smarter operation and lower noise. These biomass briquettes have advantages over raw materials in smaller volume, higher heating value and easier transport.

GEMCO hydraulic briquette press is suitable for clients engaged in furniture industry, saw mill and so on. It can help you convert tons of wasted material into compact high value biomass fuel. These environmental friendly fuel shows better combustion effects than regular firewood or coal. Meanwhile, you’d save a sum of money for dealing with wastes and buying fuels.

How hydraulic briquette press works

To make full use of the irregular agriculture and forestry wastes, they should be pulverized by a hammer mill, and further pressed into briquettes with higher density, so that they can be stored and used as fuel. Hydraulic briquette machine can mold materials into briquettes with high pressure generated by the oil in cylinder.

It is composed of 3 main parts: hydraulic, mechanical and electrical system. During the operation, feedstock is loaded into a feed bin, transmitted through a screw conveyor to the briquetting chamber, pressed into moulds in turns by hydraulic cylinders, and sent out along the slipway. This is the biomass briquettes we finally get, with their density of 0.7-1kg/dm3 and the moisture content of around 12%.

How hydraulic briquette press works

Internal and external structure

  • The hydraulic briquette machine adopts closed structure, with the observation hole, hydraulic gauge and switches on the cover. This design greatly facilitate the operator and keep him from danger.
  • With a solid steel frame as its pedestal, the machine is easy to move from place to place.
  • The molding system is constituted by 3 hydraulic cylinders and the mould, whose chamber links to the end of the conveyor.
  • The hydraulic system consists of a hydraulic power unit, moving and connecting parts.
  • The power control system can be divided into auto and manual control system. They includes a touch screen, PLC and other internal components.
  • There are 3 indicator lights of different colors on the cover. During the operation, green light indicate the machine is in normal condition. Yellow light means warning state, and you should check what the warning is. If the red light is on, you must stop the machine at once.

hydraulic briquette press closed structure
Closed structure
the molding system
Molding system
electric control system
Electric control system
3 indicator light
Indicator lights

Superiorities of GEMCO hydraulic briquette machine

GEMCO hydraulic briquette machine adopts all humanized design we can conceive. The R&D period last for more than 2 years. Since the advent of our product, it has won good reputation from our client. To some extent, this is the best hydraulic briquette machine you can choose.

  • Bosch Rexroth pressure control system effectively protects hydraulic system from over pressure.
  • Siemens intelligent PLC module ensures automatic control and stable performance.
  • Schneider provides the key electric components like reply, contactor and air switch.
  • Touch panel and animation display greatly facilitate operation.
  • Free of lubrication or routine maintenance, it saves you a lot of cost.

External design
Pressure control system for hydraulic device
Pressure control system
Hydraulic briquette machine cooling fan
Cooling fan

BMF: an excellent substitute for fossil fuel

BMF is the abbreviation of biomass molding fuel, a molded blocks produced by biomass machinery from raw materials like wood and agriculture wastes. They appears as pellets, bars and briquettes, serving as a substitute for traditional fossil fuel. The heat value of BMF fuels produced by GEMCO biomass machinery is 15MJ/kg. That is to say, the calorific value of 2-3kg BMF equals that of 1kg oil, or 1 cubic meter of gas.

biomass briquettes

BMF is composed of combustible materials, inorganic substance and moisture. The hydro and oxygen content is higher than that of the mineral coal, ensuring higher inflammability and combustion efficiency. BMF is also environment friendly. 16% fixed carbon content determines it low carbon emission. Meanwhile, the sulfur content is less than 0.08%. The quantity is so little that you don’t need to install a Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) device. In particular, the pellets and briquettes produced by GEMCO pellet press and briquette machine remains 1.5%-3% ash content after burned.

BMF has such advantages:

  • BMF exhibits high density and small volume, convenient to store, transport, and sanitary during combustion.
  • As a high volatile fuel, it is easy to ignite, with high combustion rate and good combustion effect.
  • For the sulfur content in BMF is 5% that of oil, there is no need for desulfurization measures to meet environmental requirement.
  • The ash residue is quite low. Regular dust removal device is enough to deal with it.
  • Based on Kyoto Protocol, the carbon emission of BMF is ecological “zero” emissions, which refers to its carbon emission equals the volume of CO2 absorbed by biomass plants.
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