What is pellet production line?

Nowadays, more and more people use pellet fuels for heating, cooking and boiling. Thus more small manufacturers want to make their own pellet production line and more households want to learn how to make their own pellets. As we all know, pellet fuels are made from biomass or organic matter. The raw materials are relatively cheap and easily accessible, which include sawdust, wood chips, spruce, manure, hops, paper, turf grass powder, fresh grass, bamboo, pineapple peel, husk, household waste, industrial co-products etc. If you want to make your own perfect pellets, pellet mill alone is not enough. Pellet production line can help you!

make your own perfect pellets

Pellet production line is a complete pelletizing system, which includes hammer mill, separation system, pneumatic system, mixture feeder, tempering system, flat die pellet mill, cooling system, conveying device, package machine and so on. The made pellet fuels have smooth surface, high hardness and uniform size, they are easy for packing and shipment. The pellet production line can be adjusted according to your raw materials and pelletizing needs, you don’t have to buy all devices of the pellet production line. For example, hammer mill is not essential if your raw materials are sawdust. But what about the conveying device?

pellet production line

Introduction of screw conveyor

Screw conveyor is the conveying device mentioned above that is a support machine of flat die pellet mill. It is mainly used to transport raw materials into pellet mill, so screw conveyor is also called spiral feeder. If you want to build your own pellet production line, screw conveyor is essential device. Usually, the feeding port of pellet mill has a height, the use of screw conveyor is more efficient and less effort-costing than manpower. If your materials need to be crushed, you will find the discharge port of hammer mill is very low, the screw conveyor is more important in this situation.

TICO screw conveyor

TICO screw conveyor for sale


The dive of TICO screw conveyor is variable frequency motor, which controls rotating speed and transporting capacity.


Low noise, strong adaptability, convenient installation and long service life. So it is very popular with new and old users.


Sealing good. The shell is made of seamless steel tube, the end uses flange to connect each other into a whole.


It has large loading capacity, you don’t have to worry about safety and reliability.


TICO screw conveyor has wheels, so it is convenient to move freely and work efficiently.


The cost of transportation is low, because the bracket of screw conveyor can be taken apart and having small size and light weight.

Why choose TICO screw conveyor?

TICO is a member of China Association Of Rural Energy Industry, which posses a professional R&D team concentrated on biomass machinery. Over ten years of researching and practicing, TICO screw conveyor has been upgraded and patented. What’s more, TICO has obtained the ISO9001 international quality system certification and EU CE Certification, with more than 80% products exported overseas. TICO is a trusted brand of screw conveyor. TICO provides multiple models of screw conveyors, you can choose according to your own requirement. We welcome you warmly to come our factory to investigate on the spot and hold trade. Otherwise, we can send the video of operating the screw conveyor, you can learn it more quickly. We supply 7/24 email and phone call service, you can contact us freely. Our professional team is ready to answer your any questions about TICO screw conveyor. Quote now!

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Our cetifications

Founded in 1997, Tianjin Anson International Co., Ltd(TICO) is one of chinese earliest companies engaged in biomass energy machinery development. Such as flat die pellet press with electric motor, diesel engine, gasoline and PTO. What's more, we have got many certifications all over the world.
  • China Association Of Rural Energy Industry(CAREI)
  • China Flat die biomass briquetting technology standard-making group
  • ISO9001 international quality system and EU CE Certification
  • 10 patents on biomass briquetting and flat die pellet press
  • Chinese customs class A enterprise, over 80% products for export
  • High quality supplier for made-in-china.com and Alibaba

100 patented applied technologies. Based on professional team, strong research capability and strict testing standards, TICO can guarantee you the top-class Biomass Energy Machineries.

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