Wood chips should be crushed

Wood materials are ideal raw materials of biomass pellet fuels, but how wood materials can be pressed into pellet fuels? Yes, pellet mill is the machine that is used to press pellets. But we need to know that pellet mill is usually suitable for small size of wood materials, such as sawdust. So wood chips should be crushed before entering into pellet mill, a wood hammer mill is necessary in the situation. In order to make best biomass pellet fuels, pellet mill has multiple support machines, including hammer mill, separation system, pneumatic handing system, mixture feeder, tempering system, cooling system, conveying mechanism and etc. Today let’s learn something about the crush of wood chips and GEMCO wood hammer mill.

wood chips sawdust pellets

Wood hammer mill is the support machine of pellet mill

The introduction of GEMCO wood hammer mill

GEMCO is a modern company dedicated to biomass machinery research and development, manufacture, installation and adjustment. Products sell well all over the world, exporting directly to Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, and more than 50 countries and regions. GEMCO also has offices in the United States, Russia, Ethiopia and other places.

GEMCO wood hammer mill is a kind of advanced crushing equipment that absorbs the advantages of other hammer mills, and it is developed by making full use of impact, shear, impact, grinding and other theories. It can not only process pine, hardwood, fir, bamboo and other wood materials, but also can crush bamboo, grass, corn straw, sorghum stalk, etc. After crushing, the raw materials will become sawdust or powders, which are suitable for pressing pellets.

hammer mill for wood chips

Operation principle of GEMCO wood hammer mill

GEMCO wood hammer mill can be driven by diesel, electric or fuel. In the crushing chamber, hammer rotates at a high speed. Wood chips are crushed by the hit of hammer and the rub of toothed plate. Through the sieve, the crushed wood materials are sucked into storage bag by centrifugal fan. When the hammer mill is working well, wood chips can be fully and effectively crushed, and the discharging is uniform. What’s more, micro grinding and micro powder separation can finish simultaneously.

hammer mill with electric engine

The characteristics of GEMCO wood hammer mill

  • GEMCO has mastered core technology of centrifugal hammer mill, and the market share of the wood hammer mill is very high.
  • Reasonable structure and small size. So it is easy to move, operate and maintain, which is suitable for household or small scale manufacturer.
  • High output, low energy consumption and low noise, you can create greater value.
  • The wood hammer mill is equipped with air flow regulating valve, which can control the fineness of product without stopping the machine. No dust pollution.
  • GEMCO hammer mill can be divided into powder storage pool, storage bag and storage bin.
  • Our wood hammer mill is easy to adjust to process wood powder with uniform size.

How to choose hammer mill?


You need to choose hammer mill according to your production scale, because different models have different output.



Your hammer mill should be suitable for your raw materials, so detailed counseling is necessary before buying. Before you purchase GEMCO wood hammer mill, you can send us a sample of your materials to be tested in our laboratory. The test is totally free of charge!


The quality is very important. In order to avoid machine stoppage, you had better to choose regular manufacturer that have good after-sales service. If the quality is poor, cheap machine cannot buy.


Our cetifications
  • China Association Of Rural Energy Industry(CAREI)
  • China Flat die biomass briquetting technology standard-making group
  • ISO9001 international quality system and EU CE Certification
  • 10 patents on biomass briquetting and flat die pellet press
  • Chinese customs class A enterprise, over 80% products for export
  • High quality supplier for made-in-china.com and Alibaba

100 patented applied technologies. Based on professional team, strong research capability and strict testing standards, GEMCO can guarantee you the top-class Biomass Energy Machineries.

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