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How to make switchgrass pellets for fuel

Switchgrass granules are not only a source of renewable fuel but also environmentally friendly. Unlike fossil fuels, it recycles carbon from the atmosphere and produces smaller amounts of atmospheric pollutants such as sulfur and nitrogen oxides than fossil fuels. So how do you make the willow granules for use as a fuel? Here are some considerations.

Raw material for making switchgrass pellets

Switchgrass is a perennial warm season grass native to the North American prairie from the Gulf of Mexico to Canada. Switchgrass is rich in alcohol and is even called "energy grass", so switchgrass has many applications in biomass energy. Recently it has been mainly used for stabilizing, grazing sheep and bedding covering hay. However, switchgrass has been made into granular renewable fuel through technological innovation. Therefore, we need a switchgrass granulator to achieve the transformation of switchgrass.

switchgrass pellets

Switchgrass pellet making equipment

The switchgrass granulator is a machine that presses the switch grass into granules. It allows you to freely make granules anywhere, at any time, compact and small. High efficiency and high productivity will enable the switchgrass granulator to produce the granules you need. The switch grass granulator is designed to simplify operation and automatic operation, so you only need to put the material into the machine and you can get the finished granules.

Method for making switchgrass pellets

  • 1. The optimum diameter of the switchgrass supporting the production of pellets is 1-5mm, and the hammer mill can be used.
  • 2. The moisture of switchgrass should be controlled between 14% and 18%, which can be dried in the sun or with a dryer.
  • 3. Granulation of switchgrass material with switchgrass granulator
  • 4. Directly out of the machine until they cool for a while before coming into direct contact with the particles, and a cooler can be used to speed up the process
  • 5. For sales purposes, you can also choose the packaging machine to load the granules into the bag.

Compared to other raw materials, switchgrass granules are a cheap, easy and convenient method for most ordinary people. Switchgrass granules have become popular in the world as a renewable energy source. They are as effective as coal, natural gas or any other conventional fuel when burned. Due to the low cost, you can rely on this fuel to heat your home in the winter.

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